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25-27 September 2009, Days of Judgement, Leiden, The Netherlands

Date: 25-27 September 2009
Location: Leiden, The Netherlands
Deadline: 1 May 2009

Call for Abstracts
for a paper to be presented at the workshop
Days of Judgement

Preliminary program and description of the workshop are given below.

Abstracts should be 500 words max., and sent by email before the first of May to the organizer Maria van der Schaar: .

Days of Judgement

A workshop on judgement and grounding from Aristotle to Frege and beyond, to be held at Leiden University, 25-27 September 2009.

Confirmed speakers with provisional topics:

Per Martin-Löf, Stockholm (Judgement and justification), Frans de Haas, Leiden (Aristotle), Jan van Ophuijsen, Utrecht (Stoa), Michael Della Rocca, Yale (Spinoza: conatus and mental force), Wim de Jong, Amsterdam (VU) (Kant), Mark Siebel, Oldenburg (Bolzano), Wolfgang Künne, Hamburg (Frege on 'Anerkennung'), Mark Textor, King's college London (Frege: 'Judgement as Acknowledging the Truth of a Thought'), Robin Rollinger, Salzburg (Husserl), Göran Sundholm, Leiden (Analyticity from Aristotle to Quine).


Although modern logic has neglected the notion of judgement, logic is in need of this notion, because the premises and conclusions in our reasoning are judgements. The notion of judgement brings back to logic and to philosophy in general the notion of judging agent. This focus on the agent is not to be understood in an exclusively subjective sense, because the agent is entitled to judge only if he has grounds for his judgement. Recently, the notion of assertion, the linguistic counterpart to the notion of judgement, has come into focus. The aim of the workshop is to bring together different perspectives on the notion of judgement from the history of philosophy that may have a relevance for a theory of assertion and judgement today.

Please note that this newsitem has been archived, and may contain outdated information or links.