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28 June - 23 July 2010, Asian Initiative for Infinity (AII) Graduate Summer School in Logic, Singapore

Date: 28 June - 23 July 2010

The Graduate Summer School bridges the gap between a general graduate education in mathematical logic and the specific preparation necessary to do research on problems of current interest in the subject. In general, students who attend the AII Summer School should have completed their first year, and in some cases, may already be working on a thesis. While a majority of the participants will be graduate students, some postdoctoral scholars and researchers may also be interested in attending. Having completed at least one course in Mathematical Logic is required, and completion of an additional graduate course in either set theory or recursion theory is strongly recommended. Students should be familiar with the Gödel Completeness and Incompleteness Theorems and with the Gö del and Cohen Independence Theorems in Set Theory.

The main activity of the AII Graduate Summer School will be a set of three intensive short courses offered by leaders in the field, designed to introduce students to exciting, current research topics. These lectures will not duplicate standard courses available elsewhere. Each course will consist of lectures with problem sessions. On average, the participants of the AII Graduate Summer School meet twice each day for lectures and then again for a problem session.

Applications are invited from interested students. Each student selected for participation will be provided with a stipend of at least US$2000. Additional funding will be available to cover accommodation. Applications will be considered from 7 April 2010 and decisions made on a rolling basis, for as along as funds remain available. For further details, visit

Please note that this newsitem has been archived, and may contain outdated information or links.