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24 October 2011, Joint Workshop on Knowledge Evolution and Ontology Dynamics (EvoDyn 2011), Bonn, Germany

Date: Monday 24 October 2011
Location: Bonn, Germany
Deadline: 11 July 2011

EvoDyn builds on the success of the previous editions of the Ontology Dynamics workshop formerly known as IWOD (organised as a part of the ESWC'07, ISWC'08, ISWC'09 and ISWC'10 conferences). EvoDyn continues in the tradition of IWOD in being the core annual event to discuss advances in the broad area of ontology dynamics, and to track recent work directly or indirectly related to the problem of evolving ontologies. This year, however, the scope of the workshop is broadened by a special focus on the knowledge evolution. As ontologies are formal representations of knowledge, the study of their dynamics is an inherent part of investigating the knowledge evolution phenomena, yet it is only one of many relevant aspects this workshop aims to cover in an integral manner.

In particular, the workshop focuses on analysis of trends and change in formal descriptions (i.e., ontologies), but also in associated raw sources of knowledge (scientific publications, unstructured or semi-structured web content, traditional data stores, e-mail or on-line discussion threads, etc.). We are especially interested in research targeted on various states of knowledge evolution, such as (a) conflicts, (b) consolidation, (c) discovery, (d) paradigm shifts, and (e) breakthroughs. One crucial objective of better understanding these different states may be to study directly the underlying causes and dynamics needed to generate discoveries and breakthroughs. We will only be able to facilitate and possibly also generate such desirable situations if we can understand the process of how knowledge evolves. The process of how knowledge in a field grows and changes, crystallizes, and fractures are all areas of interest of this workshop.

Further information and relevant updates can be found at the workshop web page:

The Programme Committee cordially invites all researchers to submit their papers for presentation. We especially encourage submissions that integrally cover multiple relevant topics. Deadline for the submission of papers: August 15, 2011

Please note that this newsitem has been archived, and may contain outdated information or links.