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9 December 2016, Cognitive Computation: Integrating Neural and Symbolic Approaches (CoCo @ NIPS 2016), Barcelona, Spain

Date: Friday 9 December 2016
Location: Barcelona, Spain

The workshop brings together established leaders and promising young scientists in the fields of neural computation, logic and artificial intelligence, knowledge representation, natural language understanding, machine learning, cognitive science and computational neuroscience. Invited lectures by senior researchers will be complemented with presentations based on contributed papers reporting recent work (following an open call for papers) and a poster session, giving ample opportunity for participants to interact and discuss the complementary perspectives and emerging approaches.

The workshop targets a single broad theme of general interest to the vast majority of the NIPS community, namely translations between connectionist models and symbolic knowledge representation and reasoning for the purpose of achieving an effective integration of neural learning and cognitive reasoning, called neural-symbolic computing. The study of neural-symbolic computing is now an established topic of wider interest to NIPS with topics that are relevant to almost everyone studying neural information processing.

We invite submission of papers dealing with topics related to the research questions discussed in the workshop. The reported work can range from theoretical/foundational research to reports on applications and/or implemented systems. We explicitly also encourage the submission of more controversial papers which can serve as basis for open discussions during the event. Deadline for paper submission: October 10, 2016.

For more information, see or contact Tarek R. Besold at .

Please note that this newsitem has been archived, and may contain outdated information or links.