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21 - 23 June 2017, 15th International Conference on Practical Applications of Agents and multi-agents systems (PAAMS'17), Porto, Portugal

Date: 21 - 23 June 2017
Location: Porto, Portugal
Deadline: Monday 6 February 2017

Research on Agents and Multi-Agent Systems has matured during the last decade and many effective applications of this technology are now deployed. PAAMS intends to bring together researchers and developers from industry and the academic world to report on the latest scientific and technical advances on the application of multi-agent systems, to discuss and debate the major issues, and to showcase the latest systems using agent based technology. It will promote a forum for discussion on how agent-based techniques, methods, and tools help system designers to accomplish the mapping between available agent technology and application needs. Other stakeholders should be rewarded with a better understanding of the potential and challenges of the agent-oriented approach.

PAAMS welcomes the submission of application papers with preference to the topics listed in the call for papers.

In addition to the main track, PAAMS has Special Sessions on Agent-Based Social Simulation, Modelling and Big-Data Analytics (ABM), on Advances on Demand Response and Renewable Energy Sources in Agent Based Smart Grids (ADRESS), on Agents and Mobile Devices (AM), on COoperative GREEN agents for the management of resources: towards sustainable systems (Co-Green), on Multi-Agent Systems and Ambient Intelligence (MASAI), on Persuasive Technologies (PT), on Computer vision in Multi-Agent Robotics (RV) and on Web and Social Media Mining (WASMM).

Furthermore, PAAMS has a Special Track for Demonstrations, and a Doctoral Consortium where  students can present their on going research work.

Finally, PAAMS includes Workshops on on Agents and multi-agent Systems for AAL and e-HEALTH (A-HEALTH), on Agent based Applications for Air Transport (AAAT), on Agent-Based Artificial Markets Computational Economics (ABAM), on Artificial Intelligence for Privacy in Electronic Systems (AIPES), on Agent Methodologies for Intelligent Robotics (AMIRA), on Agents-based Solutions for Manufacturing and Supply Chain (AMSC), on MAS for Complex Networks and Social Computation (CNSC), on Computational Sustainability and Big Data (CoSBD), on Decision Making in Dynamic Information Environments (DeMaDIE), on Empowering IoT with Agency and Cognition (EAC), on Intelligent Systems and Context Information Fusion (ISCIF), on Multi-agent based Applications for Energy Markets, Smart Grids and Sustainable Energy Systems (MASGES), on Multiagent System Based Learning Environments (MASLE), on Smart Cities and Intelligent Agents (SCIA) and on the application of agents to passenger transport (TAAPT).

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Please note that this newsitem has been archived, and may contain outdated information or links.