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FOAM Seminar

Date: monthly, usually fridays
Time: 15:00-15:45
Location: ILLC, Science Park, Amsterdam

FOAM Seminar - Formalisation, Optimisation, Algorithms, Mechanisms.

The FOAM (Formalisation, Optimisation, Algorithms, Mechanisms) Seminar, organised by computer scientists at the ILLC, features research on questions of a fundamental nature in computer science and AI, in research areas such as algorithms, optimisation, data management, planning, knowledge representation, and multiagent systems. Talks are intended to be broadly accessible and pitched at the level you might find at a plenary talk of a relevant conference (such as IJCAI, AAAI, KR, ICAPS, AAMAS, EC, PODS, LICS, STOC, FOCS, and SODA).

FOAM usually takes place on a Friday at 15:00. Talks are roughly 45 minutes long, after which we have a discussion not exceeding another 30 minutes. Everyone is welcome to attend!

For more information, see here or at or contact Ronald de Haan at , or Gregor Behnke at .