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200 July 9, LSIR-2: Logic and the Simulation of Interaction and Reasoning, Pasadena CA (U.S.A.)

Date: July 2009
Location: Pasadena CA (U.S.A.)
Deadline: 9 March 2009

In the past years, logicians have become more and more interested in the phenomenon of interaction and the formal modelling of social procedures and phenomena. The area Logic & Games deals with the transition from the static logical paradigm of formal proof and derivation to the dynamic world of intelligent interaction and its logical models. Modelling intelligent interaction has been an aspect of the practical work of computer game designers for a long time. Pragmatic questions such as 'What makes a storyline interesting', 'What makes an reaction natural', and 'What role do emotions play in game decisions' have been tackled by practicing programmers. The practical aspects of computer gaming reach out to a wide interdisciplinary field including psychology and cognitive science. So far, there are only a few cross-links between these two communities.

LSIR2 focuses on the relation between techniques of modern logic (such as discourse representation theory or dynamic epistemic logic) and concrete modelling problems in computer games (either as part of the story or game design or as part of the design of the artificial agents). We aim combining communities of logic, multi-agent systems, computer game design, the story understanding community, and various parts of AI dealing with the formal modelling of emotions and intentions, as well as the empirical testing of these models; we invite all researchers in these and related field to submit their abstracts of papers, in particular those that build bridges between the communities.

For more information, see The main financial sponsor of the workshop is the Marie Curie research training site GLoRiClass.

We invite all researchers in the relevant fields to submit extended abstracts of one to four pages of text. Submission deadline is 6 March 2009.

Please note that this newsitem has been archived, and may contain outdated information or links.