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PhD Scholarship in Logic: Wellington, New Zealand

Supervisors: Prof Rob Goldblatt (Mathematics), Assoc Prof Edwin Mares (Philosophy).

A scholarship is available for a PhD student to work on a project entitled "Semantic analysis of substructural logics" supported by a grant from the Marsden Fund. The aim is to use a new semantic interpretation that we have developed for quantifiers in relevant logic (see the article "An alternative semantics for quantified relevant logic" at to help us model and understand various logical systems, including other substructural and intentional logics like linear logic, BCK logic, intuitionistic logic, modal and temporal logics. There are both mathematical and philosophical components to this project, ranging from the mathematical analysis and representation of algebraic models to the philosophical interpretation and justification of our semantics. The PhD student will be expected to work on at least one of these components, and will have the opportunity to develop their own proposals for research directions, as well as working on assigned topics.

Qualifications: Bachelors Honours or Masters degree in logic, mathematics or philosophy. A background in abstract algebra or semantic modelling of logical systems is desirable.

Salary: The scholarship is valued at NZD 22,000 per year (tax-free) plus NZD 4,000 per year for tuition fees. Note that international students pay only domestic fees; the domestic fees for 2006 will be approximately NZD 4,200.

Duration: the scholarship is for three years, with a negotiable starting time after 1 Feb 2006.

Contact: for enquiries or applications please send email to either or .

Edwin Mares
Victoria University of Wellington
P.O. Box 600
Wellington, New Zealand
Fax: 64+4-463-5370

Please note that this newsitem has been archived, and may contain outdated information or links.