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Two-year Postdoctoral Position in Logic, Tsinghua University, Beijing

Deadline: Wednesday 1 April 2020

The Tsinghua University - University of Amsterdam Joint Research Centre for Logic is looking for a postdoc in the field of logic, who can substantially contribute to research and teaching of the logic group in the department of philosophy. In research, the specific research topic will depend on the candidate’s expertise. As regards teaching, the position imposes no obligation of teaching, but a broad and strong teaching competence will be very helpful.

The candidate needs to apply for the “Shuimu Scholar” Postdoc Program in Tsinghua University. Please read the details of the Program and contact Professor Fenrong Liu

Tsinghua University has created the Shuimu Tsinghua Scholar Program, a doctoral degree program focused on attracting excellent scholars who will undertake research across 50 disciplines. The program supports doctoral scholars in their academic career and educates leading researchers in various fields.

Applications for the 2020 “Shuimu Tsinghua Scholar Program” are now open and selection has begun. We encourage scholars who are committed to academic research and innovation to apply for this prestigious program.

1. Scale and Benefits

EnqvistIn 2020, a maximum of 200 scholars will be admitted to the program.

Shuimu Scholars will receive an annual salary of 300,000 RMB (before tax) for two years.

Shuimu Scholars will be provided with transitional housing on the campus or provided with housing subsidies of 42,000 RMB per year, state-funded housing subsidies of 1,2000 RMB per year, as well as subsidies for property management and heating.

Shuimu Tsinghua Scholars enjoy the same medical plan privileges as Tsinghua faculty, and their children are offered positions at Tsinghua University’s kindergarden and primary school.

Shuimu Tsinghua Scholars can also participate in career training courses offered to Tsinghua faculty, and can apply for funds and allowances for attending top-level international conferences.

2. Application Requirements

Applicants must fulfill the following requirements:

(1) Hold a PhD degree outside China from a university which ranks in the top 100 universities globally (either by field or by university);

(2) Be under 35 years old;

(3) Have obtained their PhD degree within the last three years (Recent graduates are given priority in consideration);

(4) Undertake to work full time at Tsinghua University after commencing the program.

Current postdoctoral researchers at Tsinghua University who have outstanding results in their mid-term review, and whose termination of contract date is within six months of the application deadline, may also apply to the Shuimu Tsinghua Scholar Program.

Candidates will be assessed based on their overall application, their academic ability, their research plan, and the potential effect on the subject field.

3. Application Materials

(1) “Shuimu Tsinghua Scholar Program Application Form”(PART I). Please contact Professor Fenrong Liu to get the application form.

(2) Academic and scientific research materials (a scanned original in PDF format); articles, monographs, patents or awards representing the applicant's highest academic level and scientific research achievements may be selected. The full text should be provided for articles (letters should be provided for unpublished papers); the cover, catalogue and abstract should be provided for monographs; and copies of certificates should be provided for patents or awards.

Please scan the above materials and merge into one PDF file. This file should be sent to the mailbox of the department to which you are applying.

(3) 2-3 letters of recommendation (including your PhD advisor’s recommendation letter) should be sent by your referees directly to the department’s mail address. If your recommendation letter is sent as an attachment, it must be signed by the referee (sender).

4. Timeline

(1) First round of applications and reviews:

Submission date: April 2020 (please consult the department to which you are applying for the specific time)

Recommendations provided by departments: May 10, 2020

Review and result: June 2020.

(2) Second round of applications and reviews:

Submission date: October 2020 (please consult the department to which you are applying for the specific time)

Recommendations provided by departments: November 10, 2020

Review and result: December 2020.

Please note that this newsitem has been archived, and may contain outdated information or links.