Universiteit van Amsterdam

Postdoc / phd positions in "Verification of Quantum Cryptography"

At the Quantum Cryptography Group, University of Tartu, we have open postdoc and phd positions on Verification of Quantum Cryptography.

We are starting a project in which we will develop methods for the verification of proofs in quantum cryptography. Similar to what the EasyCrypt tool does in classical cryptography. The scope of the project covers everything from the logical foundations, through the development of tools, to the verification of real quantum protocols.

The ideal candidate would have experience in: Semantics, Theorem proving, Verification of classical cryptography, Quantum cryptography, and/or Quantum computation / communication. Of course, expertise in all those areas is very rare, so candidates who are strong in some of those areas and are interested in the others are encouraged to apply!

For more information, see http://crypto.cs.ut.ee/Main/PostdocInVerificationOfQuantumCryptography
and http://crypto.cs.ut.ee/Main/PhdInVerificationOfQuantumCryptography or contact Dominique Unruh at .