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Oliviero Nardi wins UvA Thesis Prize 2022


We are proud to report that Oliviero Nardi's MSc AI thesis received the UvA Thesis Prize 2022, recognising the best Master's thesis defended at the University of Amsterdam over the past year (his thesis is one of two winners declared this year). Oliviero previously won the award for the best Master's thesis defended at the Faculty of Science.

Oliviero's thesis is entitled "A Graph-Based Algorithm for the Automated Justification of Collective Decisions" and was supervised by Arthur Boixel and Ulle Endriss at the ILLC. The thesis makes a contribution to the field of computational social choice. It deals with the difficult but important challenge of using computers to improve the transparency of group decision making. It does so by developing an efficient algorithm to automatically generate explanations for why taking a given decision is "the right thing to do", given the preferences of the people affected together with certain basic normative principles.

Oliviero's thesis is available at For further information, read the announcement at or contact Ulle Endriss at .