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The Women in FNWI network announces best publication award 2008


In 2007, female scientists in the UvA Science Faculty have initiated a Women in FNWI (WiF) Network. The main objectives of this network are to serve as a platform for women in the FNWI to regularly meet each other in an informal setting, and to identify realistic ways to increase the proportion of female academic staff within the FNWI over the next decade.
As one of several initiatives to promote women and increase their academic recognition, the WiF Network has inaugurated an annual prize for the best scientific publication. This prize will be presented to the winner during the annual meeting of the WiF Network, on March 24, 2009. The winner will in addition receive 1000 euros and will deliver a prize lecture in a final session of the day open to the entire FNWI community.

Who can apply?
The competition is open to all women of PhD level or higher who have published a first* author paper in a peer-reviewed, international journal of high standing, appearing in press in 2008. The article should be based on work that the applicant performed at the UvA FNWI. If part of the work was performed elsewhere, it should be explained how the appointment of the applicant at the UvA FNWI was essential for accomplishment of the work.
*joined first authorship is also acceptable if both first authors contributed equally to the work; in disciplines where authors are ordered alphabetically it should be argued that the candidate performed most of the work.

How to apply?
Female researchers at the FNWI can nominate themselves or be nominated by any other FNWI staff, for instance an advisor, mentor or senior author on the submitted paper. Publications should be sent in PDF format to Kathleen Hair (email address: ). The application should be accompanied by a brief letter (max. 250 words) explaining why this article is important, and has / will have great impact for the field. The deadline for application is 17:00 hrs, February 1, 2009.

A scientific committee consisting of 6 experts from Dutch universities (the UvA excluded) will evaluate and rank the applications according to their scientific merits. The expertise of the committee will encompass (as much as possible) the entire research field of the UvA FNWI.

Please note that this newsitem has been archived, and may contain outdated information or links.