Universiteit van Amsterdam

Mostafa Dehghani and Iris van de Pol receive a UvA Lustrum Grant

We are pleased to announce that Mostafa Dehghani and Iris van de Pol receive a UvA Lustrum Grant.

Mostafa Dehghani <http://mostafadehghani.com/> is a PhD student at ILLC.

"This grant makes it possible for me to do a research visit in the
Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms (MILA) as the world-leading
group in deep learning, and combine my experiences there with the knowledge
I gained so far at the University of Amsterdam where we have the
world-leading research group in information retrieval. I am sure this will
be a tremendous boost for my research and thesis. Besides, it helps me
extend my network of peers by meeting numerous senior researchers of the
community in MILA as well as fellow students. I hope this also consolidate
and grow long-term research collaborations between these two universities."

Iris van de Pol is a PhD candidate at ILLC.

"This grant gives me the opportunity to visit the Center for the Study of Language and Information (CSLI) at Stanford University for three months. My research concentrates on pragmatic communication, or being able to understand eachother without litterally saying what we mean, by using context and background knowledge. I study this topic from a computational perspective, using different logics and game theory. Members of CSLI are researchers from different disciplines (like logic, philosophy, cognitive science and psychology) precisely what I need for my research."