Universiteit van Amsterdam


  • Webprogrammer Speech and Music Lab

    Deadline: Tuesday 15 December 2020

    Als webprogrammeur werk je aan het ontwikkelen van online experimenten in de vorm van aantrekkelijke games, luisterexperimenten, vragenlijsten, en andere vormen van online onderzoek, ter ondersteuning van onderzoekers op het gebied van muziek en spraak. Daarnaast ben je verantwoordelijk voor het ontwikkelen en onderhouden van de vereiste privacyprotocollen en systemen voor research data management.

    Je werkt nauw samen met collega’s van het ILLC op het gebied van muziek (Music Cognition Group en Amsterdam Music Lab) en van het ACLC op het gebied van spraak (Phonetic Sciences en UvA Speechlab).

  • Postdoctoral researcher in Computational Social Science

    Deadline: Thursday 3 December 2020

    Are you a passionate and committed researcher and well versed in cutting-edge computational social science approaches? Would you like to be involved in frontier research on large-scale network analysis and official register data and work with highly qualified researchers in an interdisciplinary academic environment? Effective immediately, we are seeking a postdoc in Computational Social Science. You will be part of the POPNET platform, and your position is hosted by the Faculty of Humanities. You will do your research under the aegis of the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC). The ILLC is a renowned research institute at the University of Amsterdam, in which researchers from the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Science collaborate.

    As an ideal candidate for this position, you find yourself at home in the international computational social science research community. You have a well-developed skillset in scientific programming and an affinity with network analysis in particular. You are able to work with very large data and have the creativity and curiosity to develop new network measures and statistics. You are keenly aware of the ethical issues related to using large scale social register data and want to contribute to a responsible scholarly practice on big data analytics.

  • Postdoctoral Researcher in Mathematical Logic

    Deadline: Tuesday 1 December 2020

    The Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC) is looking for an exceptional researcher in the area of Mathematical Logic to hold a one-year postdoctoral position within the project 'The Logic of Conceivability [LoC]. Modelling Rational Imagination With Non-Normal Modal Logics'. This is a 5-year project (2017-2022) funded with 2.000.000 Euros by the European Research Council, and led by Principal Investigator (PI) Prof. Franz Berto.

  • Assistant professor Theoretical Computer Science

    Deadline: Sunday 29 November 2020

    Do you have the ambition to carry out top academic research in Theoretical Computer Science at the Institute for Logic, Language, and Computation? Are you interested to work in our thriving interdisciplinary environment where you can establish connections to research lines in neighboring disciplines? Do you have the drive to teach theoretical computer science in our bachelor/master programmes?

    We offer a position as assistant professor in Theoretical Computer Science at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC), an interdisciplinary research institute at the University of Amsterdam. The area of theoretical computer science comprises a broad variety of topics or subfields, including (but not restricted to) algorithms and computational complexity, program semantics and verification, logic and computation, machine models and automata, information theory, machine learning, and the foundations of artificial intelligence. You are a leading researcher in one of these areas, with a good knowledge of the wider area of theoretical computer science, and experienced in academic teaching.