The ILLC Prepublication Procedure

The electronic archive of the ILLC Prepublication Series is managed through the ILLC Eprints Server. Authors can submit a paper by way of this server. This page will give a brief overview of the procedure.

  1. First, you need to obtain an UvAnetID and password. Students and staff members of the FNWI should have received an UvAnetID automatically. If you did not receive an UvAnetID, you should contact the personnel department of the faculty. More information is available at the UvA Informatiseringscentrum.
  2. Next, go to the ILLC Eprints Server and log in using the 'Login' link and your UvANetID login-credentials.
  3. If this is the first time you logged in, you are not immediately allowed to submit new reports. There will be a message visible
    "Some areas of the repository are intended for ILLC researchers only. In order to access those areas, you need to be logged in (using UvANetId) and your account needs to be fully enabled by the editors. To have your account enabled, contact or . Please include your UvANetID in your request."
    Note: this does not apply if you have submitted reports in the old DARE repository (your account will be be pre-enabled).
  4. After your account has been enabled by one of the ILLC Publication Series editors, you can start submitting reports.
    1. Go to the 'Manage Deposits' page and click on the 'New item' link.
    2. Following the directions on the screen, first selecting the type (report or pre-print) of your report, and click 'Next'
    3. Fill out the form with the metadata for your publication. For each field, an explanation is available by clicking on the '[?]'-button. Fields marked with a star are mandatory. When entering authors field, please include infixes such as 'van' with the family name, i.e. 'van Benthem'. Afterwards, click 'Next'.
    4. Next, upload one or more files for the publication. The ILLC encourages authors to make the full text of their documents electronically available by uploading it as a single file, preferably in PDF-format. You may upload a file from your own computer or specify an URL from which a file should be downloaded. If you upload multiple files, you may use the 'Show Options' button to add a description for each file, such as 'full text' or 'cover'. Afterwards, click 'Next'.
    5. Next, select one or more subjects from the subject-list by clicking the 'Add' button next to the subject. Afterwards, click 'Next'.
    6. Finally, you may submit ('deposit') your publication for approval by the editor of the ILLC Publication series by clicking the button 'Deposit Item Now'. Alternatively, you may save the publication for now, and deposit it at a later date.
  5. Items will not appear on the site until they have been approved by an editor. After approval, they will appear on the eprints-site, and (after a brief delay) on the ILLC site as well.

You may also submit new versions of existing documents. For that, select 'Manage Deposits', select a document from the list of your documents, and then selecting 'New version' from the Actions-list. The new version will again have to be approved by the editor, and will contain a link to the old version. Note that the old version will remain accessible on the Eprints server.

You can also edit your existing items, and replace the files, abstracts or metadata by new versions. In that case the old version will not remain accessible.

Important Note: ILLC reports should contain an abstract. In addition to submitting your abstract with the bibliographical data, please incorporate it in your document.

If you choose not to make the full text of your document electronically available, please submit the bibliographical data of your document as described before, and send a printed copy of the document (printed single-sided by preference) to the ILLC Buro at

Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC)
University of Amsterdam
T.a.v. ILLC Buro (or name of staff member)
Centraal Magazijn
Science Park 904
1098 XH Amsterdam
the Netherland

Instead of sending a printed copy, you can also send the file by private email to . Again, PDF or Postscript files are strongly preferred. Please note that if you submit a Word document, the page layout and numbering may change during the printing process.

The electronic paper and any other files will be available to the public as soon as the paper is approved by the editor. The bound hardcopy edition will be generated semi-automatically (i.e. we will take care of it). If you desire to receive bound hardcopy copies of your paper yourself, you should make a request for such to the at this point.

More information useful to authors can be found in the Support and Information section.