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  • Ambainis, A., & de Wolf, R. M. (2001). Average-case quantum query complexity. Journal of Physics. A, Mathematical and General, 34(35), 6741-6754. >>>
  • Ambainis, A., Mosca, M., Tapp, A., & de Wolf, R. M. (2000). Private quantum channels. In Proceedings of the 41st IEEE Foundations of Computer Science (FOCS 2000) (pp. 547-553) >>>
  • Ambainis, A., Spalek, R., & de Wolf, R. M. (2005). Quantum Direct Product Theorems for Symmetric Functions and Time-Space Tradeoffs. Unknown Publisher. >>>
  • Ambainis, A., Spalek, R., & de Wolf, R. M. (2006). A New Quantum Lower Bound Method, with Applications to Direct ProductTheorems and Time-Space Tradeoffs. In Proceedings of 38th Annual ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing (STOC'06) (pp. 618-633). >>>
  • Ambainis, A., & Spalek, R. (2006). Quantum Algorithms for Matching and Network Flows. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 3884, 172-183. >>>
  • Ambati, B. R., Deoskar, T., & Steedman, M. (2016). Shift-Reduce CCG Parsing using Neural Network Models. In K. Knight, A. Nenkova, & O. Rambow (Eds.), NAACL HLT 2016 : The 2016 Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Human Language Technologies: Proceedings of the Conference : June 12-17, 2016, San Diego, California, USA (pp. 447-453). The Association for Computational Linguistics. >>>
  • Ambos-Spies, K. (Guest ed.), Beckmann, A. (Guest ed.), Buss, S. R. (Guest ed.), & Löwe, B. (Guest ed.) (2012). Computability in Europe 2009. Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, 163(5), 483-620. >>>
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  • Amorós, L., Iezzi, A., Lauter, K., Martindale, C., & Sotáková, J. (2021). Explicit connections between supersingular isogeny graphs and Bruhat–Tits trees. In A. C. Cojocaru, S. Ionica, & E. Lorenzo García (Eds.), Women in Numbers Europe III: Research Directions in Number Theory (pp. 39-73). (Association for Women in Mathematics Series; Vol. 24). Springer. >>>
  • Andrade, E. (2009). Compositionality from a "use-theoretic" perspective. In V. A. Munz, K. Puhl, & J. Wang (Eds.), Language and world: Pre-proceedings of 32nd International Wittgenstein Symposium (pp. 25-26) >>>
  • Andrade-Lotero, E., & Dutilh-Novaes, C. (2009). A reconstruction of hierarchical relations between incompatibility-entailment, committive, and permissive consequences. In C. Amoretti, C. Penco, & F. Pitto (Eds.), Proceedings of the Workshop on Bob Brandom's Recent Philosophy of Language: Towards an Analytic Pragmatism (TAP-2009): Genoa, Italy, April 19-23, 2009 (pp. 90-98). Article 10 (CEUR Workshop Proceedings; Vol. 444). CEUR-WS. >>>
  • Andrade-Lotero, E. J. (2012). Models of language: towards a practice-based account of information in natural language. [Thesis, fully internal, Universiteit van Amsterdam]. Institute for Logic, Language and Computation. >>>
  • Andréka, H., van Benthem, J., & Németi, I. (2023). A note on the submodel preservation property in fragments of first-order logic. (v1 ed.) ArXiv. >>>
  • Andreka, H., Goranko, V., Mikulas, S., Nemeti, I., & Sain, I. (1995). Effective Temporal Logic of Programs. In A. Szalas, & E. Bolc (Eds.), Time and Logic UCL Press. >>>
  • Andréka, H., van Benthem, J., Bezhanishvili, N., & Németi, I. (2014). Changing a semantics: opportunism or courage? In M. Manzano, I. Sain, & E. Alonso (Eds.), The life and work of Leon Henkin: essays on his contributions (pp. 307-337). (Studies in Universal Logic). Birkhäuser. >>>
  • Andréka, H., van Benthem, J., & Németi, I. (2017). On a New Semantics for First-Order Predicate Logic. Journal of Philosophical Logic, 46(3), 259–267. >>>
  • Antunes, L., Buhrman, H., Matos, A., Souto, A., & Teixeira, A. (2016). Distinguishing Two Probability Ensembles with One Sample from each Ensemble. Theory of Computing Systems, 59(3), 517-531. >>>

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