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  • Antunes, L., Costa, A. ., Matos, A., & Vitanyi, P. (2007). Computational Depth of Infinite Strings Revisited. In S. B. Cooper, T. F. Kent, B. Löwe, & A. Sorbi (Eds.), Computation and Logic in the Real World: Third Conference on Computability in Europe, CiE 2007, Siena, Italy, June 18-23, 2007 : local proceedings (pp. 36-44) >>>
  • Antunes, L., Matos, A., Souto, A., & Vitányi, P. (2008). Depth as randomness deficiency. Institute for Logic, Language and Computation. >>>
  • Antunes, L., Matos, A., Souto, A., & Vitányi, P. (2009). Depth as randomness deficiency. Theory of Computing Systems, 45(4), 724-739. >>>
  • Antunes, L. F., Souto, A., & Vitányi, P. M. B. (2017). On the rate of decrease in logical depth. Theoretical Computer Science, 702, 60-64. >>>
  • Antunes, L., Souto, A., Teixeira, A., & Vitányi, P. (2013). On the logical depth function. (1301.4451 ed.) (ArXiv e-prints). >>>
  • Antunes, L. F. C., Souto, A., & Vitányi, P. M. B. (2013). On Logical Depth and the Running Time of Shortest Programs. (CoRR), (arXiv). Cornell University Library. >>>
  • Apers, S., & de Wolf, R. (2020). Quantum Speedup for Graph Sparsification, Cut Approximation and Laplacian Solving. In 2020 IEEE 61st Annual Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science: FOCS 2020 : proceedings : 16-19 November 2020, virtual conference (pp. 637-648). IEEE. >>>
  • Apt, K., Conitzer, V., Guo, M., & Markakis, E. (2008). Welfare undominated Groves mechanisms. In C. Papadimitriou, & S. Zhang (Eds.), Internet and Network Economics: 4th International Workshop, WINE 2008, Shanghai, China, December 17-20, 2008 : proceedings (pp. 426-437). (Lecture Notes in Computer Science; Vol. 5385). Springer. >>>
  • Apt, K. (2001). Towards Free Access to Scientific Literature. Nieuw Archief voor Wiskunde, 5/2(3), 251-255. >>>
  • Apt, K. (2011). Tafeltennis. In R. Cramer, S. van Dam, & R. van der Mei (Eds.), Leven met getallen: liber amicorum ter gelegenheid van de pensionering van Herman te Riele (pp. 16-19). CWI. >>>
  • Apt, K. R., Arbab, F., & Ma, H. (2007). A system for distributed mechanisms: design, implementation and applications. (SEN-R0706; No. ISSN 1386-369X). Fac. Natuurwetenschappen Wiskunde en Informatica. >>>
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  • Apt, K. R., & Ben-Eliyahu, R. (1995). Meta-variables in Logic Programming, or in Praise of Ambivalent Syntax. (Technical Report; No. CT-95-06). onbekend (FdL). >>>
  • Apt, K. R., & Bol, R. (1994). Logic programming and negation: a survey. Journal of Logic Programming, 19-20, 9-71. >>>
  • Apt, K. R., & Brand, S. (2003). Schedulers for rule-based constraint programming. In Proceedings of ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC) (pp. 14-21). ACM. >>>
  • Apt, K. R., & Brand, S. (2005). Constraint-Based Qualitative Simulation. In Proc. of the 12th International Symposium on Temporal Representation and Reasoning (pp. 26-34) >>>
  • Apt, K. R., & Brand, S. (2005). Schedulers and Redundancy for a Class of Constraint Propagation Rules. Theory and Practice of Logic Programming, 5(4 & 5), 441-446. >>>
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  • Apt, K. R., de Boer, F. S., Olderog, E. R., & de Gouw, S. (2012). Verification of object-oriented programs: A transformational approach. Journal of Computer and System Sciences, 78(3), 823-852. >>>
  • Apt, K. R., de Boer, F. S., & Olderog, E. R. (2009). Verification of sequential and concurrent programs: 3rd ed. (Texts in computer science). Springer. >>>

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