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  • van Rooij, R. (2012). Meaning and Use. In R. Kempson, T. Fernando, & N. Asher (Eds.), Philosophy of Linguistics (pp. 197-228). (Handbook of the philosophy of science; Vol. 14). Elsevier. >>>
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  • van Rooij, R. (2017). Generics and typicality: a bounded rationality approach. Abstract from Sinn und Bedeutung 22, 2017. >>>
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  • van Rooij, R. A. M., Bockting, C. L. H., Zuidema, W. H., van Dis, E. A. M., & Bollen, J. M. (2023). Living guidelines for generative AI: why scientists must oversee its use. Nature, 622, 693. Article 622. >>>
  • van Rooij, R. A. M., Cobreros, P., Egre, P., & Ripley, D. (2018). Inferences and meta-inferences. >>>
  • van Rooij, R. A. M., Cobreros, P., Égré, P., & Ripley, D. (2021). Tolerant Reasoning: Nontransitive or Nonmotonic?'. Synthese, 199, 681-705. Article 87. >>>
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  • van Rooij, R. A. M., & Zeevat, H. W. (2000). Introduction. Journal of Semantics, 17(1), 1-7. >>>
  • van Rooij, R. A. M. (Guest ed.), & Zeevat, H. (Guest ed.) (2000). Speech Acts. Journal of Semantics, 17. >>>

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