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  • Voorbraak, F.P.J.M. (1997) Combining evidence under partial ignorance.
    In Gabbay, D. (Eds.), Qualitative and quantitative practical reasoning (pp 574-588) (LNAI). Springer.
    Chapter | UvA-DARE
  • Voorbraak, F.P.J.M. (1997) Deciding under partial ignorance.
    In Eurobot'97 (pp 66-72). IEEE/CS Press.
    Chapter | UvA-DARE
  • Voorbraak, F.P.J.M. (1997) Decision analysis using partial probability theory.
    In Doyle, J. (Eds.), Qualitative Preferences in Deliberation and Practical Reasoning
    Chapter | UvA-DARE
  • Voorbraak, F.P.J.M. (1997) A nonmonotonic observation logic.
    Research report. onbekend (FdL).
    Report | UvA-DARE
  • Voorbraak, F.P.J.M. (1999) Partial probability: theory and applications.
    In Cozman, F.G. de Cooman, G. Moral, S. Walley, P. (Eds.), ISIPTA'99. Proceedings of the First International Symposium on Imprecise Probabilities and Their Applications (pp 360-368). Universiteit Gent.
    Conference contribution | UvA-DARE
  • Voorbraak, F.P.J.M. (1999) Probabilistic belief change: enpansion, conditioning, and constraining.
    In Laskey, K.B. Prade, H. (Eds.), Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence. Proceedings of the Fifteenth Conference (pp 656-662). Morgan Kaufmann.
    Conference contribution | UvA-DARE
  • Voorbraak, F.P.J.M. (2000) Partial probability: theory and applications.
    International Journal of Uncertainty and Knowledge-Based Systems, Vol. 8 (pp 331-345)
  • Vosmaer, J. (2009) MacNeille completion and profinite completion can coincide on finitely generated modal algebras.
    Algebra Universalis, Vol. 61 (pp 449-453)
  • Vosmaer, J. (2010) A new version of an old modal incompleteness theorem.
    Bulletin of the Section of Logic, Vol. 39 (pp 199-204)
  • Vosmaer, J. (2010) Logic, algebra and topology: investigations into canonical extensions, duality theory and point-free topology.
    Institute for Logic, Language and Computation.
    Thesis, fully internal | UvA-DARE
  • Wagemaker, J. Foster, N. Kappé, T. Kozen, D. Rot, J. Silva, A. (2022) Concurrent NetKAT: Modeling and analyzing stateful, concurrent networks.
    In Sergey, I. (Eds.), Programming Languages and Systems: 31st European Symposium on Programming, ESOP 2022, held as part of the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software, ETAPS 2022, Munich, Germany, April 2–7, 2022 : proceedings (pp 575-602) (Lecture Notes in Computer Science
    Advanced Research in Computing and Software Science, Vol. 13240). Springer.
  • Wagner, E. (2013) The explanatory relevance of Nash equilibrium: One-dimensional chaos in boundedly rational learning.
    Philosophy of Science, Vol. 80 (pp 783-795)
  • Wagner, E.O. Franke, M. (2013) [Review of: B. Skyrms (2010) Signals : evolution, learning, & information].
    British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Vol. 64 (pp 883-887)
    Book/Film/Article/Exhibition review | | UvA-DARE
  • Wagner, E.O. (2012) Evolving to divide the fruits of cooperation.
    Philosophy of Science, Vol. 79 (pp 81-94)
  • Wagner, E.O. (2012) Deterministic chaos and the evolution of meaning.
    British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Vol. 63 (pp 547-575)
  • Wagner, E.O. (2013) The dynamics of costly signaling.
    Games, Vol. 4 (pp 163-181)
  • Wal, Oskar van der Jumelet, Jaap Schulz, Katrin Zuidema, Willem (2022) The Birth of Bias: A case study on the evolution of gender bias in an English language model.
    Preprint | UvA-DARE
  • Waltman, L. Boyack, K.W. Colavizza, G. van Eck, N.J. (2020) A principled methodology for comparing relatedness measures for clustering publications.
    Quantitative Science Studies, Vol. 1 (pp 691-713)
  • Wang, B. Titov, I. Lapata, M. (2019) Learning Semantic Parsers from Denotations with Latent Structured Alignments and Abstract Programs.
    In Inui, K. Jiang, J. Ng, V. Wan, X. (Eds.), 2019 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing and 9th International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing: EMNLP-IJCNLP 2019 : proceedings of the conference : November 3-7, 2019, Hong Kong, China (pp 3774-3785). The Association for Computational Linguistics.
    Conference contribution | | UvA-DARE
  • Wang, Q. Kamps, J. Ramírez, G. Marx, M. Schuth, A. Theobald, M. Gurajada, S. Mishra, A. (2012) Overview of the INEX 2012 Linked Data Track.
    In Forner, P. Karlgren, J. Womser-Hacker, C. Ferro, N. (Eds.), Working Notes for CLEF 2012 Conference: Rome, Italy, September 17-20, 2012 (CEUR Workshop Proceedings, Vol. 1178). CEUR-WS.

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