ILLC New Year's Colloquium 2013

Date: Friday 22 February 2013
Time: 16.00-17.00 followed by Drinks in our new building
Place: ILLC Common Room, F1.21, SP107
Organisers: Krzysztof Apt, Rens Bod, Peter van Ormondt


16.00-16.20   Julian Kiverstein (LoLa)
    The 4EA programme in cognitive science. (4EA = "Embodied, Enacted, Extended, Embedded, Affective")
16.20-16.40   Reinhard Blutner (LaCo)
    Bounded rationality and quantum cognition
16.40-17.00   Johan van Benthem (LoCo)
    Logic meets Probability: An ILLC Conversation

17.15 onwards: House Warming Drinks in New Common Room in the New Building