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  • Wehner, S. D. C., & Ballester, M. (2007). Entropic uncertainty relations and locking: tight bounds for mutually unbiased bases. Physical Review A, 75, 022319-022319. >>>
  • Wehner, S. D. C., & Christiandl, M. (2005). Quantum Anonymous Transmissions. In Proceedings of 11th ASIACRYPT (Vol. 3788, pp. 217-235). >>>
  • Wehner, S. D. C., & de Wolf, R. M. (2005). Improved Lower Bounds for Locally Decodable Codes and Private Information. In Proceedings of ICALP >>>
  • Wehner, S. D. C., Schaffner, C., & Terhal, B. (2007). Cryptography from noisy photonic storage. Institute for Logic Language and Computation. >>>
  • Wehner, S. D. C., & Wullschleger, J. (2007). Composable security in the bounded-quantum-storage model. Institute for Logic Language and Computation. >>>
  • Wehner, S. D. C. (2005). Quantum Anonymous Transmissions. Poster session presented at QIP 2005. >>>
  • Wehner, S. D. C. (2006). Tsirelson bounds for generalized CHSH inequalities. Physical Review A, 73, 022110-022110. >>>
  • Wehner, S. D. C. (2006). Entanglement in Interactive Proof Systems with Binary Answers. In Proceedings of STACS 2006 (pp. 162-171). Springer-Verlag. >>>
  • Wehner, S. D. C. (2008). Cryptography in a quantum world. [Thesis, fully internal, Universiteit van Amsterdam]. >>>
  • Weidema, J. L., Roncaglia-Denissen, M. P., & Honing, H. (2014). The effect of musical pitch on the perception of lexical pitch in speakers of Madarin. 172. Abstract from ICMPC-APSCOM 2014. >>>
  • Weidema, J. L., Roncaglia-Denissen, M. P., & Honing, H. (2016). Top-down modulation on the perception and categorization of identical pitch contours in speech and music. Frontiers in Psychology, 7, [817]. >>>
  • Weidman Sassoon, G. (2010). The degree functions of negative adjectives. Natural Language Semantics, 18(2), 141-181. >>>
  • Weidman Sassoon, G. (2010). Measurement theory in linguistics. Synthese, 174(1), 151-180. >>>
  • Weijkamp, J., & Sadakata, M. (2017). Attention to affective audio-visual information: comparing individuals with varying musical experience. Psychology of Music, 45(2), 204-215. >>>
  • Westera, M. (2012). Meanings as proposals: a new semantic foundation for a Gricean pragmatics. In S. Brown-Schmidt, J. Ginzburg, & S. Larsson (Eds.), Proceedings of SemDial 2012 (SeineDial): The 16th Workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue : Université Paris-Diderot (Paris 7), Paris Sorbonne-Cité, September 2012 (pp. 40-49). Université Paris Diderot - Paris 7. >>>
  • Westera, M. (2012). Unrestricted inquisitive semantics and discourse coherence. Paper presented at 10th Conference on Logic and the Foundations of Game and Decision Theory. >>>
  • Westera, M. (2013). 'Attention, I'm violating a maxim!' A unifying account of the final rise. In R. Fernández, & A. Isard (Eds.), SEMDIAL 2013 : DialDam: Proceedings of the 17th Workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue : Amsterdam, 16-18 December 2013 (pp. 150-159). (Proceedings SemDial; Vol. 2013). University of Amsterdam. >>>
  • Westera, M. (2014). Exhaustivity through the Maxim of Relation. In Y. Nakano, K. Satoh, & D. Bekki (Eds.), New Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence: JSAI-isAI 2013 Workshops, LENLS, JURISIN, MiMI, AAA, and DDS, Kanagawa, Japan, October 27-28, 2013 : revised selected papers (pp. 141-153). (Lecture Notes in Computer Science; Vol. 8417), (Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence). Springer. >>>
  • Westera, M. (2017). Exhaustivity and intonation: a unified theory. [Thesis, fully internal, Universiteit van Amsterdam]. >>>
  • Westerståhl, D. (2008). Decomposing generalized quantifiers. Review of Symbolic Logic, 1(3), 355-371. >>>

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