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  • Veltman, F.J.M.M. (1998) Defaults in update semantics.
    Philosophers's Annual (pp 237-276)
    Article | UvA-DARE
  • Veltman, F.J.M.M. (1998) Een zogenaamde denkfout.
    Algemeen Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Wijsbegeerte, Vol. 90 (pp 11-25)
    Article | UvA-DARE
  • Veltman, F.J.M.M. (2002) Logica in historisch perspectief.
    Unknown Publisher.
    Book | UvA-DARE
  • Veltman, F.J.M.M. (2002) Syllabus logische analyse.
    Universiteit van Amsterdam.
    Book | UvA-DARE
  • Veltman, F.J.M.M. (2004) Making Counterfactual assumptions.
    ILLC Prebublications. Institute for Logic, Language and Computation.
    Working paper | UvA-DARE
  • Veltman, F.J.M.M. (2005) Making counterfactual assumptions.
    Journal of Semantics, Vol. 22 (pp 159-180)
    Article | UvA-DARE
  • Venema, Y. Vickers, S. Vosmaer, J. (2013) Generalised powerlocales via relation lifting.
    Mathematical Structures in Computer Science, Vol. 23 (pp 142-199)
  • Venema, Y. Vosmaer, J. (2014) Modal Logic and the Vietoris Functor.
    In Bezhanishvili, G. (Eds.), Leo Esakia on Duality in Modal and Intuitionistic Logics (pp 119-153) (Outstanding contributions to logic, Vol. 4). Springer.
  • Venema, Y. (1997) Atom structures and Sahlqvist equations.
    Algebra Universalis, Vol. 38 (pp 185-199)
  • Venema, Y. (1998) Rectangular Games.
    Journal of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 63 (pp 1549-1564)
  • Venema, Y. (1998) Specification of dynamics for knowledge based systems.
    In Freitag, B. (Eds.), Transactions and change in logic databases, Lecture notes in computer science (pp 37-68). Springer.
    Chapter | UvA-DARE
  • Venema, Y. (1998) Canonical Pseudo-correspondence.
    ML-98. WINS (oud WINS).
    Report | UvA-DARE
  • Venema, Y. (1998) Points,lines and diamonds: a two sorted modal logic for projective planes.
    ML-98. WINS (oud WINS).
    Report | UvA-DARE
  • Venema, Y. (1998) Temporal logic.
    LP-98. WINS (oud WINS).
    Report | UvA-DARE
  • Venema, Y. (1998) A Modal logic of information change.
    In Gilboa, I. (Eds.), Proc. of the 7th on rationality and knowledge (pp 125-131). Morgan Kauffmann.
    Chapter | UvA-DARE
  • Venema, Y. (1998) The preservation theorem of Sahlqvist, equations in Completions of Boolean Algebras with operators.
    ML. WINS (oud WINS).
    Report | UvA-DARE
  • Venema, Y. (1998) Q-algebras.
    Algebra Universalis, Vol. 40 (pp 19-49)
  • Venema, Y. (1998) Undecidable theories of Lyndon Algebras.
    ML. WINS (oud WINS).
    Report | UvA-DARE
  • Venema, Y. (1999) Modal definability, purely modal.
    Amsterdam University Press.
    Digital or Visual Products | UvA-DARE
  • Venema, Y. (1999) Points, lines and diamonds: a two-sorted modal logic for projective planes.
    Journal of Logic and Computation, Vol. 9 (pp 601-621)

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