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  • Vereshchagin, N.K. Vitanyi, P.M.B. (2004) Kolmogorov's Structure Functions and Model Selection.
    IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, Vol. 50 (pp 3265-3290)
  • Vereshchagin, N.K. Vitanyi, P.M.B. (2006) Algorithmic rate-distortion function.
    In Proceedings IEEE International symposium on information theory (pp 798-802). Seattle.
    Conference contribution | UvA-DARE
  • Vereshchagin, N.K. Vitányi, P.M.B. (2010) Rate distortion and denoising of individual data using Kolmogorov complexity.
    IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, Vol. 56 (pp 3438-3454)
  • Vermeulen, I. Bruggeman, J. (2001) The logic of organizational markets: thinking through resource partitioning theory.
    Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory, Vol. 7 (pp 87-111)
  • Vermeulen, I.E. Bruggeman, J.P. (2001) Organizational differentiation: The population of web search engines.
    In Burton, R. (Eds.), Computational Analysis of Social and Organizational Systems (pp 85). Carnegie Mellon University.
    Chapter | UvA-DARE
  • Vermeulen, I.E. Bruggeman, J.P. (2003) Market dimensionality and competitive dynamics.
    Technical Report CCSOM,. University of Amsterdam.
    Report | UvA-DARE
  • Vermeulen, I.E. (2002) A network representation of competition in industries: Some extensions.
    CCSOM. Institute for Logic, Language and Computation.
    Report | UvA-DARE
  • Vermeulen, I.E. (2002) A logical approach to competition in industries.
    Institute for Logic, Language and Computation.
    Thesis, fully internal | UvA-DARE
  • Versteegh, M. Sangati, F. Zuidema, W. (2010) Simulations Of Socio-Linguistic Change: Implications for Unidirectionality.
    In Smith, A.D.M. Schouwstra, M. de Boer, B. Smith, K. (Eds.), The evolution of language: proceedings of the 8th International Conference (EVOLANG8): Utrecht, Netherlands, 14-17 April 2010 (pp 511-512). World Scientific.
  • Vervoort, M.R. (1996) Blackwell Games.
    In Ferguson, T. (Eds.), David Blackwell Festschrift. Institute for Mathematical Statistics.
    Chapter | UvA-DARE
  • Vervoort, M.R. (2000) Games, walks and grammars: Problems I've worked on.
    Thesis, fully internal | UvA-DARE
  • Viaccoz, C. Harasim, D. Moss, F.C. Rohrmeier, M. (2023) Wavescapes: A Visual Hierarchical Analysis of Tonality Using the Discrete Fourier Transform.
    Musicae Scientiae, Vol. 27 (pp 390-427)
  • Vigliensoni, G. Burgoyne, J.A. Fujinaga, I. (2013) MusicBrainz for the World: The Chilean Experience.
    In de Souza Britto Jr., A. Gouyon, F. Dixon, S. (Eds.), Proceedings of the 14th International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference: November 4-8, 2013, Curitiba, Brazil (pp 131-136). ISMIR.
    Conference contribution | UvA-DARE
  • Vineis, P. Illari, P. Russo, F. (2017) Causality in cancer research: a journey through models in molecular epidemiology and their philosophical interpretation.
    Emerging Themes in Epidemiology, Vol. 14
  • Vineis, P. Russo, F. (2018) Epigenetics and the Exposome: environmental exposure in disease etiology.
    In Shugart, H. (Eds.), Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Environmental Science (Oxford Research Encyclopedias). Oxford University Press.
  • Visser, A. De Jong, R. Beks, W. Schlobach, S. van Rooij, R. Homburg, A.-J. van Someren, M. van Maanen, L. Sluijter, B. (2017) Naar een nieuw curriculum voor de bachelor Kunstmatige Intelligentie. Translated title of the contribution: Towards a new curriculum for the bachelor Artificial Intelligence
  • Visser, A. van Benthem, J. de Jongh, D. Renardel de Lavalette, G.R. (1995) NNIL, A Study in Intuitionistic Propositional Logic.
    In Ponse, A. de Rijke, M. Venema, Y. (Eds.), Modal Logic and Process Algebra: a bisimulation perspective (pp 289-326). Center for the Study of Language and Information, Stanford University.
    Chapter | UvA-DARE
  • Visser, A. (1997) Dynamic Relation Logic Is the Logic of DPL-Relations.
    Journal of Logic, Language and Information, Vol. 6 (pp 441-452)
  • Visser, A. (1997) An overview of interpretability logic.
    Research report Logic Group Preprint Series. Department of Philosophy, University of Utrecht.
    Report | UvA-DARE
  • Visser, A. (1997) Prolegomena to the definition of dynamic predicate logic with local assignments.
    Research report Logic Group Preprint Series. Universiteit Utrecht.
    Report | UvA-DARE

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